5 comments on “Blogging Your LaunchPad Experience

  1. Mikael (and launch pad companies), if any of you want to go self hosted wordpress, which I would recommend if you’re going to make this your official company blog, I can point you in the right direction. Most of you know me, so just reach out, or ask one of you classmates for an intro.

    • Hi Terran
      I am interested in doing this, I have set one up but probably need to clean it up, so I don’t start off wrong.
      BTW, had to get up early (4am) to get back to the reading – I think that this model is exactly what Mark and I have been looking for! Fantastic way to think about starting up when you don’t have $$ up front. Interesting idea that actually having $$ up front could distract or postpone the customer discovery part.
      Guess we’re doing pretty well, having had failures already. I like that re-frame as well.

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