One comment on “Mentor Point of View: Focus

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    Some of the startups, seem to be trying to cover all bets, so they can’t be wrong. The point is to *try one* and *know* that’s wrong (not “you” are wrong). You’ve just narrowed the search space by one.

    This is mostly about not being wrong. It happens a lot even in the more bounded, lower stakes world of specifying features for software. Vague, multi-value language covers all bets, yet is impossible to implement. Declining to choose doesn’t help. You’ve really just pushed the pain of risking being wrong downstream a bit, where costs are higher and recovery harder.

    Put more wood behind one arrow. Miss, then adjust your aim. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Rochester Control Innovations is doing awesome at this. Their theory of the business has been better every week *because* they risked being wrong.

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