9 comments on “Elevator Speeches For 12 Software Startups Finishing The HTRLaunchPad Program

  1. LifeSUDS /Symptom Reporting
    The LifeSUDS application (mobile/web), developed by two psychologists, provides cues and allows patients to track and transmit progress with many behavioral health concerns in real time. This patient-centered approach informs care and allows for efficient treatment adjustment at appointments, resulting in more effective therapeutic outcomes.

  2. ROC Innovations
    Incorrectly positioned switches, failed crossings, and railcar brake problems create major safety issues for railroads. ROC Innovations offers affordable cloud-based monitoring and alerting of these issues via wireless hardware installed in the field.

  3. Winokur is a commerce-centric support system for independent wineries. It offers a mobile application for wine aficionados exploring wineries, and a cloud and mobile system to help wineries make, sell, and market wine.

  4. It was a good shot at a moving target. Here’s our version: EnergyWise Partners is a financial services technology company. We help investors source, manage and value renewable energy projects.

    • Sorry guys, too vague and general. Now is the time for specifics. Not energy projects, thermal energy, etc. You are more valuable with a tighter focus. This is not the time to revert back to vague, multi-sided descriptions.

    • OK, ‘thermal energy projects’. It could be a hybrid geothermal/conventional for district heating anyway.

  5. Thanks! Here’s my version for All Access.

    All Access
    Restaurant menus in an accessible app that speaks to and for blind, low vision, deaf & non-verbal users. Rewards for crowd-sourced food photography plus LogoLaunch lets users scan a logo to access menus, discounts & more.

  6. Old Version: Qmetrics
    Qmetrics displays MRI information in a 3D format with color highlighting, enabling radiologists and orthopedic surgeons to more accurately identify problems with knee and other joints.

    New Version:
    Qmetrics enables radiologists to convert MRI images into 3D visuals of anatomy, enabling orthopedic surgeons to “see” inside an injured joint for improved patient care decisions.

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